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Welcome to Crown Ranch Miniatures

We are Jeremy, Lindy, and Elise Haynes

About Us

We own a small miniature horse farm in Montgomery, TX. Lindy grew up on a 30-acre farm in middle TN and was given her first Shetland Pony at 2 years old.

Crown Ranch Miniature Horses For Sale
Crown Ranch Miniature Horses For Sale

She purchased her first Tennessee Walking Horse for $500 at the age of 8 with money saved up over a 3-year period. Jeremy grew up in the North Houston, TX area and learned to ride on Quarter Horses. Jeremy served in the military for 10 years before moving back to Texas. We got married and moved from TN to TX in 2012, bringing our 2 Tennessee Walking Horses with us. We bought our first miniature horse in 2019 as a Christmas present for our then 2-year-old daughter. It’s true what they say… can’t have just one miniature horse.

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